1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 new GIRL BOSSES.
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Do you want to help girls build their futures through entrepreneurship?

Envision Lead Grow Community Partners will be the guides on their journey.

The Envision Lead Grow program is designed to help girls build their futures through entrepreneurship.

In the summer of 2017, the ELG team will take part in a 7-City Bus Tour, stopping in 7 cities across the United States to share a message of entrepreneurship with underserved girls.

1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 New Girl Bosses.

In each city, Envision Lead Grow will partner with no less than 20 volunteer mentors who will lead the girls on a path toward success. They will be called Community Partners.

Community Partners will:

*Be female professionals (business-minded or entrepreneurial women) 21 years or older. Retirees are welcomed
*Undergo a background check
*Volunteer no less than 5 hours a month mentoring a team of up to 5 mentees for the period of one year
*Be present on the last day of the camp in their respective city. This will always be a Friday
*Minimum 30-minute touchpoint per week with the team of mentees
*Hybrid face-to-face & virtual model: You choose which works best for you, either in-person or online
*Teach the mentees about finances, planning ahead and the skill of building and establishing relationships
*Take part in an all-mentor webinar every quarter (these webinars will be held every other month. Community Partners will attend a minimum of four during the year)
*Be a sounding board for new ideas to make the program better
*Invest time and effort to see the girls succeed

An ideal Envision Lead Grow Community Partner is:

  • Passionate about helping teen girls learn the power of entrepreneurship
  • Can provide support either financially or through mentorship

Locations and application

The Envision Lead Grow program will be available to teen girls in cities across the United States. We are looking for Student Ambassadors, as well as Community Partners, in these particular cities:

  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Norfolk, Virginia


If you are interested in providing support for the Envision Lead Grow movement, click here to apply for the ELG Community Partner Program.

Do you know any teen girls who would be interested in the ELG Student Ambassador Program? Candidates must complete this application.

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