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Words of Praise for Envision Lead Grow Summer Camps:

When asked what they learned during their week at camp…

“Never be afraid to follow through with your ideas.”

“I’ve learned to stick with what you’re passionate about.”

“Every moment was an inspiration to better myself and my ideas.”

“It was an unforgettable experience.”

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More kind words about Envision Lead Grow

I am seeing so much growth in my daughter! Super Summer Program that transitions into a Mentorship Program! ELG just keeps on giving, cultivating & developing Girl Bosses!

Pamela Payne-Hill, PARENT
I am still basking in the glow of entrepreneurship wonder my daughter has. She has started buying minerals and plants to create her own organic makeup line. She is obsessed at this point but at least she knows what she is passionate about. Envision Lead Grow helped spark this and I love it. Awesome program.
LaShona Patton-Jones, PARENT

My daughter is loving this camp and I’m so excited about everything she’s learning! So happy she’s a part of such an amazing sisterhood now!


My daughter has raved about this camp since it ended. Thank you all for igniting the fire within her. She exudes confidence now and for that we are thankful and grateful for your vision and purpose.


My daughter has enjoyed every moment this week! I wish it was longer, as the values she has learned will carry over into her everyday life. Now, she doesn’t want to just work, she wants to own her own business! It’s possible! She envisioned, you all are leading, now let’s watch them grow!


Thank you for waking a sleeping giant. My daughter can’t stop talking about her moment to shine. I knew she had it all along, but ELG gave her the confidence and beat that she has danced to ever since she found out she had wings and could fly Thanks Again

My daughter has a higher level of interest in becoming an entrepreneur. She is constantly thinking of ways to make her dreams of starting a Public Relations firm, a reality.
She’s more out going and she talks a lot more about the good things that she’s learned.
She seems more motivated to help inspire others.
It lives up to its name, Envision Lead Grow! A must for your aspiring entrepreneur!
This program this week has been phenomenal. For these girls to come this week and get that empowerment, you can do this, you can go out there, don’t let anything stop you, it is a phenomenal start, especially for 9th graders.