1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 new GIRL BOSSES.
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Little girls with dreams
become women with vision.

The Envision Lead Grow Entrepreneurial Program consists of 4 parts:

Summer Immersion

The Envision Lead Grow program begins HERE, at one of our entrepreneurial immersion summer camps. Middle school girls from around your community will come together to learn the building blocks of becoming an entrepreneur. Many of the girls start the session as strangers and will leave as great friends. Over the course of the summer program, participants will take part in exercises to help them think bigger, to apply entrepreneurial skills to everyday life and to make better decisions. At the end of the summer immersion camp, these young women will leave with a solid business idea, a Passion Pitch they can use to sell their idea to others and confidence to take their company to the next level.

9-Month Mentoring Support

The Summer Immersion summer camp experience is just the beginning of the process for these budding Girl Bosses. We partner with adult mentors in each city where Envision Lead Grow sets up. After the summer camp is finished, female volunteers within the community step in to guide, to support and to be a sounding board for these young entrepreneurs. Over the course of the school year, the mentors check in with their young mentees weekly to keep them on track.

All-City Webinars

It can be lonely to be in business for yourself, so Envision Lead Grow designed a way to ensure these young entrepreneurs never feel isolated. Aside from the weekly check-ins with their mentors, ELG participants have the chance to meet each other through virtual meetings. Through these monthly video calls, the girls get to learn from ELG Founder Angela Reddix as well as each other.

The Entrepreneur Institute

Envision Lead Grow will reward business owners who are committed to making their companies thrive. The Entrepreneur Institute is a multi-day field trip that will bring together the leaders of Fortune 500 companies, mentors and business educators. It’s an all-expenses paid¬†trip for the girls who participate in the mentoring sessions, the All-City Webinars and the ELG business challenges. ELG Girl Bosses who are engaged in the program can earn a spot in The Entrepreneur Institute.

Want to see more pictures and videos of ELG #GirlBosses in action? Click here.

What parents are saying about Envision Lead Grow

My daughter is loving this camp and I’m so excited about everything she’s learning! So happy she’s a part of such an amazing sisterhood now!


My daughter has raved about this camp since it ended. Thank you all for igniting the fire within her. She exudes confidence now and for that we are thankful and grateful for your vision and purpose.


My daughter has enjoyed every moment this week! I wish it was longer, as the values she has learned will carry over into her everyday life. Now, she doesn’t want to just work, she wants to own her own business! It’s possible! She envisioned, you all are leading, now let’s watch them grow!


Thank you for waking a sleeping giant. My daughter can’t stop talking about her moment to shine. I knew she had it all along, but ELG gave her the confidence and beat that she has danced to ever since she found out she had wings and could fly Thanks Again

My daughter has a higher level of interest in becoming an entrepreneur. She is constantly thinking of ways to make her dreams of starting a Public Relations firm, a reality.
She’s more out going and she talks a lot more about the good things that she’s learned.
She seems more motivated to help inspire others.
It lives up to its name, Envision Lead Grow! A must for your aspiring entrepreneur!
This program this week has been phenomenal. For these girls to come this week and get that empowerment, you can do this, you can go out there, don’t let anything stop you, it is a phenomenal start, especially for 9th graders.