Our Mission

Envision Lead Grow  is more than an idea. It’s a movement. We want to empower you to build your dreams. That starts with a passion. Your passion. We’ll show you what it takes to turn your passion into something incredible. It will require planning, dedication and heart. Is it worth the effort?


We Believe




You can make your dreams come true

The work is worth the effort

If you surround yourself with the right people, they will lift you up so you can reach the stars

Angela D. Reddix is the President and CEO of ARDX, a multi-million-dollar healthcare management and IT consulting firm based in Norfolk, Virginia. She created Envision Lead Grow in 2016 as a way to give the future generation a helping hand. With Envision Lead Grow, Angela seeks to leverage all of her business experience to empower young girls and women to chart their destiny.

Anyssa Reddix is the Program Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is the point person for all operations in each city Envision Lead Grow will visit. In 2016, Anyssa spearheaded the first ELG summer camp in Virginia Beach, and has now taken on the task of scaling it up this summer. Anyssa wants to help every young woman find what ignites her spark, and use that to make a positive impact in her community.

Allow us to help you transform your passion and purpose into a profit.

We are happy you are here.