It takes a village…and we say THANK YOU

In 2016, the idea of the 7-City Bus Tour was just that. An idea.
In 2017, thanks to the support, the time and the generosity of so many people, the first ever Envision Lead Grow cross-country tour was an overwhelming success.
We are so thankful for the people, the businesses and the organizations that helped to make this possible.
Thank you!

Click this link and to see the very long list of supporters of the 7-City Bus Tour.

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Week 7 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Norfolk, Virginia

(NORFOLK, Virginia) August 4, 2017 — What an incredible end to the 7-City Bus Tour.

Hundreds of people attended the final Passion Pitch competition and program, held at Norfolk Collegiate School’s Hackney Theater.

During the week, more than 100 girls learned the curriculum created by Angela D. Reddix, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business,” and put together their own business plans. It was part of the Envision Lead Grow summer camp program, hosted by Old Dominion University’s Strome Entrepreneurial Center.

On Friday, each girl in the camp had the chance to pitch their business idea in front of volunteer judges. They were separated into four groups, with one finalist being named in each group.

The four finalists gave their Passion Pitch to the crowd at The Hackney Theater.

One winner received Envision Lead Grow’s $500 award for best Passion Pitch: Selah Holston, creator of Selah’s Diamonds.

Thanks to the generosity of Love Thy Neighbor, Inc., one more girl received $500 to put toward her business: Timerand Rogers, creator of Scrumptious Soaps.

Through the generosity of Towne Bank, the last two finalists, Alek, creator of SitterGetHer and Kelly, creator of Slime Freak, will also have $500 seed money each to start their businesses.

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

From left to right, Alek Woodard, 13, creator of SitterGetHer, Kelly Ramsey, 11, creator of Slime Freak, Selah Holston, 10, creator of Selah’s Diamonds, and Timerand Rogers, 13, creator of Scrumptious Soaps.

The 2017 7-City Bus Tour may be over, but there is much more to come. At the closing ceremony, Envision Lead Grow founder Angela D. Reddix mentioned the program will change for next summer. Envision Lead Grow will be in four cities in the United States, to include two-week sleep-away summer camp experiences for young women.

If you would like to contribute to the mission to lift young women out of poverty through the power of entrepreneurship, you can do so here.

Additionally, you can sign up to get the latest information from Envision Lead Grow here.

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Week 6 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Richmond, Virginia

(RICHMOND, Virginia) July 30, 2017 — Thanks so much to Virginia Commonwealth University for an incredible week in Richmond.

Each week, we are amazed by the businesses being created by our young entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Alexandra, who won $500 to begin creating her brand new product, Baby Temp.

Baby Temp is an electronic bracelet that uses nanotechnology to measure temperature and oxygen levels. When either reaches a dangerous point, it sends the parents an alert so they can take action. Alexandra designed the app to help save the lives of children who suffer from febrile seizures and cancer.

We can’t wait to see this product in stores.

Onto our final stop of the 7-City Bus Tour: Norfolk. Old Dominion University, here we come!

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Week 5 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania) July 23, 2017 — Many thanks to Temple University for opening up their space to our team and to dozens of middle school girls who were so eager to learn about the power of entrepreneurship.

What an incredible week!

Congratulations to Morgan, our Philadelphia Passion Pitch winner. She won $500 seed money to start her venture, and as you can see, she was working on her idea even before winning the competition.

Watch for her upcycled denim purse venture. We are excited to cheer her on!

Our next stop is Richmond, in our home state. VCU, here we come!

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Week 4 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Baltimore, Maryland

(BALTIMORE, Maryland) July 14, 2017 — We’re marching closer to the end of this incredible summer journey. The 7-City Bus Tour is at the halfway point. We have loved seeing the results week after week, and now you can, too.

Take a look a the home page of Envision Lead Grow’s website and you will see a growing number of new entrepreneurs. Check back and you’ll see more and more faces of young women who have a plan for a viable business. We are certainly cheering them on!

We had a phenomenal week in Baltimore, Maryland. Many, many thanks to The Cordish Companies and Spark Baltimore for hosting our summer camp and to Morgan State University for hosting our awards ceremony.

And there was plenty to celebrate.

Every week, we award $500 to the young woman who gives the best Passion Pitch. The money will go to seed their business venture.

In Baltimore, that honor went to Adia, CEO of Pre-Tween.

We are so thrilled to announce TWO winners in Baltimore. This is Brooklyn, the creator of Kool Cases. Spark Baltimore was so impressed by her business idea, THEY donated $500 on the spot to help her begin her business.

Congratulations to BOTH of our deserving winners!

And we were thrilled to have a special guest visiting us.

The girls learned from Tiffany Robinson, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Deputy Chief of Staff. She encourages everyone to keep an open mind to possibilities. We are certainly following her advice.

Baltimore is a wrap. Onto Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

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Week 3 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Atlanta, Georgia

(ATLANTA, Georgia) July 7, 2017 — This week, the Envision Lead Grow team took a break to celebrate the 4th of July. The last three weeks have been INCREDIBLE – and BUSY!

Take a peek at our videos from the first leg of our 7-City Bus Tour.

Atlanta was truly amazing. Thanks so much to the Butler Street Community Development Corporation for hosting our camp.

And congratulations to Natalie, the creator and CEO of All Smiles Babysitting! She’s the winner of our Atlanta Passion Pitch and will receive $500 to seed her business venture.

Onto our next stop on the tour: Baltimore, Maryland!

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Week 2 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Greensboro, North Carolina

(GREENSBORO, North Carolina) June 27, 2017 — Week 2 of the 7-City Bus Tour brought us to Greensboro, North Carolina and the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Our camp participants have worked hard all week long to develop their business ideas, create their passion pitches and present them to the judges.

All of the campers did a phenomenal job.

The winner of the $500 Passion Pitch: Misa, the creator of “Beauty at Last,” a beauty salon, training center and birthday party location for young girls in Greensboro.

Here are the top four Passion Pitch finalists (from left to right):

Aryn, creator of Aryn’s Smelly Socks
Mary-Elizabeth, creator of New American
Misa, creator of Beauty at Last
Meredith, creator of Spotlight Cosmetics

Congratulations to all of the camp participants. They worked hard and it showed!

Onto our 3rd city of the tour – Atlanta!

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Norfolk businesswoman launches 7-City Bus Tour, a nationwide effort to share the power of entrepreneurship with girls around the country

(NORFOLK, Virginia) June 8, 2017 — Angela Reddix’s vision is about to become reality.

The Norfolk businesswoman’s dream of taking her message of entrepreneurship to girls nationwide is one step closer. The Envision Lead Grow team unveiled the bus being used in The 7-City Bus Tour today at Old Dominion University’s Strome Entrepreneurial Center.

Starting tomorrow, the bus will start its journey to Memphis, Tennessee, the first stop on the tour. Over the course of the summer, the bus will make stops in Greensboro, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Richmond, Virginia, ending with the grand finale in Norfolk, Virginia.

In each city, the Envision Lead Grow team will share its interactive entrepreneurship curriculum to middle school girls in underserved communities.

Envision Lead Grow has partnered with local universities, local businesses and local female professionals in each city to create a ring of support for the young women.

“It has long been a dream of mine to inspire young women to achieve more. The mission and vision of Envision Lead Grow is to break the cycle of poverty for 1,000 girls in underserved communities in the U.S. each year. With the launch of this program, we are thrilled to be able to make inroads to reach that goal,” said Angela D. Reddix, the creator of Envision Lead Grow.

The camps in each city are made up of week-long sessions. It is a 40-hour entrepreneurship immersion program from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be offered 100% free to camp participants with snacks and lunch included.

The girls will spend the week learning key skills to think in an entrepreneurial mindset, and will work on creating a “Passion Pitch” around their business ideas. All of this will culminate in a pitch competition, where one girl will receive $500 seed money for her venture.

The program doesn’t end after the week is over. Each girl will also be assigned a female mentor within the community to help her continue to develop her business idea after camp is over. The girls will also be included in an Envision Lead Grow online community and have access to online seminars and newsletters.
1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 new GIRL BOSSES.

This is where the 7-City Bus Tour is going in 2017:

*Memphis, Tennessee | June 12-16, 2017
*Greensboro, North Carolina | June 19-23, 2017
*Atlanta, Georgia | June 26-30, 2017
*Baltimore, Maryland | July 10-14, 2017
*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | July 17-21, 2017
*Richmond, Virginia | July 24-28, 2017
*Norfolk, Virginia | July 31-August 4, 2017

Angela D. Reddix, the President and CEO of ARDX, a multi-million dollar healthcare management and technology consulting company based in Norfolk, Virginia, created this movement in 2016. She has a vision to give the future generation of girls a helping hand. In the last decade, ARDX has grown into a multi-million dollar firm that employs more than 125 associates. Reddix is leveraging all of her business experience to empower young girls and women to chart their own destiny.

Please call 757-529-0118 for media inquiries.

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