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1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 new GIRL BOSSES.

Envision Lead Grow‘s mission is to increase the rate of entrepreneurship and break the cycle of poverty for 1,000 middle school girls in underserved communities in the U.S. each year. We are committed to helping them build their future through entrepreneurship by creating a community to support their success.

The national Envision Lead Grow 7-City Bus Tour kicked off the Envision Lead Grow program in 2017, making stops in 7 different cities across the United States. The ELG team shared its fast-paced, fun-filled curriculum, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business”, during a week-long summer camp in each city. Be sure to check out our media page and blog to follow our Girl Bosses at work!


Girls’ Reported ELG Program Results:

  • 95% of girls reported feeling strongly supported by their ELG team members & counselors.
  • 95% of girls said that they would recommend ELG to a friend based on their summer experience- 85% of those being emphasized as strong recommendations.
  • 95% of girls reported experiencing personal growth, such as learning new skills, during the ELG program. In fact, 87% of parents reported noticing their daughters’ personal growth, too, specifically in respect to motivation.
  • 90% of girls made new friends during our program!

How will we continue to change girls’ lives?

Through one incredible summer camp experience, which includes:

A 1-week immersion entrepreneurship program for middle school girls, with the opportunity to win a $500 award

Ongoing mentoring support

Monthly webinar sessions for networking

An opportunity to win a $500 award

The chance to participate in the Envision Lead Grow Entrepreneur Institute


Rising 5th graders-rising 9th graders

Willing to commit and be involved in the program

Envision Lead Grow is proud to partner with these locations for the 7-City Bus Tour:


Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Memphis, TN
Norfolk, VA
Philadelphia, PA
Richmond, VA
Greensboro, NC

Angela D. Reddix is the President and CEO of ARDX, a multi-million dollar healthcare management and technology consulting company based in Norfolk, Virginia. She created the Envision Lead Grow movement in 2016.

She has a vision to give the future generation of girls a helping hand.

In the last decade, ARDX has grown into a multi-million dollar firm that employs more than 125 associates. Reddix is leveraging all of her business experience to empower young girls and women to chart their own destiny.


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