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Applications for the ELG Cohort 2018 are now closed.

The ELG 2018 Cohort began their journey at a week-long, all-expenses paid, sleepaway summer immersion at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. After the immersion, girl bosses are continuing to grow through mentoring, webinars, and conferences—parts 2, 3,  and 4 of ELG’s on-going, repeated practice program.

Envision Lead Grow’s mission is to create 1,000 new girl bosses by 2020 nationwide!

In 2018, we were proud to partner with mentors and girl bosses from the following 9 cities:

Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Eastern Shore, VA
Greensboro, NC
Memphis, TN
Norfolk, VA
Philadelphia, PA
Richmond, VA
Washington D.C.

Applications are now closed for the 2018 Cohort!

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