Do you want to help girls build their dreams through entrepreneurship? Envision Lead Grow Community Partners will be the guides on their journey.

Community Partners will:

*Provide mentorship to girls in the Envision Lead Grow program
*Offer support on calls or within forums in the Envision Lead Grow membership community
*Spread the Envision Lead Grow message through social media and live events
*Write or speak about their business experiences as a lesson for others
*Offer guidance on how to grow the Envision Lead Grow movement
*Help create a supportive community

An ideal Envision Lead Grow Community Partner is:

*Passionate about helping teen girls learn the power of entrepreneurship
*Can provide support either financially or through mentorship

The Envision Lead Grow program will be available to teen girls in cities across the United States. We are looking for Student Ambassadors, as well as Community Partners, in these particular cities:

Detroit, Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio
Baltimore, Maryland
Louisville, Kentucky
Richmond, Virginia
East St. Louis, Illinois
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Memphis, Tennessee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Want to mentor the girls and volunteer to help the Envision Lead Grow movement? Click here to apply for the ELG Community Partner Program.

Do you know any teen girls who would be interested in the Envision Lead Grow Student Ambassador Program. Candidates must complete this application.