ELG 2.0: Virtual Immersion

Now more than ever, people are searching for ways to stay connected and to stay active. Schools across the country are closed, and it can feel like life has been put on pause. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Envision Lead Grow wants girls everywhere to know that becoming a boss never stops. ELG 2.0: Virtual Immersion will allow girls to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the comfort of their homes while connecting with girls across the country! Our mission is to increase the rate of entrepreneurship for girls throughout the United States. When you become an ELG girl boss, you will have access to the four parts of our scholarship program, starting with our week-long virtual immersion.


Daily video lessons

Each day, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of starting your own business—how to find your passion, how to reach customers, and how to make money!

Fun at home entrepreneurship activities

Through games, quizzes, writing activities, and more, you will bring your business to life, all from home!

Daily small group pitch practice

You will bring all your ideas together through your business pitch, which will help share your business ideas with others! Each day, you will receive feedback on your pitch from our team members to help make it as strong as possible.

Daily virtual social hour

We may be social distancing, but that does not mean we cannot be social! Every day, you will be able to participate in fun activities with girls from across the country. One day, it may be karaoke, one day, it may be yoga!

Chance to win $500 in pitch competition

At the end of the week, you will be able to give your pitch to a panel of judges to share what you have put together. The girl boss with the strongest pitch will receive $500 seed money to help start her business!

This entire program is offered at NO COST to girls or their families.

This entire program is offered at NO COST to girls or their families.

What is included?

Virtual Immersion

The Envision Lead Grow program begins HERE, at one of our virtual immersion experiences. Middle school girls from across the country will come together to learn the building blocks of becoming an entrepreneur. Many of the girls start the session as strangers and will leave as great friends. Over the course of the experience, participants will take part in exercises to help them think bigger, to apply entrepreneurial, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) infused skills to everyday life and to make better decisions. At the end of the virtual immersion , these young women will leave with a solid business idea, a Passion Pitch they can use to sell their idea to others and confidence to take their company – and community – to the next level.

Team Mentoring

ELG 2.0: Virtual Immersion is just the beginning of the process for these budding girl bosses. We partner with adult mentors in each city where Envision Lead Grow sets up. After the virtual immersion experiences are finished, female volunteers within the community step in to guide, support and be a sounding board for these young entrepreneurs. Over the course of the school year, the mentors check in with their young mentees to keep them on track.

All-City All-Girl Webinars

It can be lonely to be in business for yourself, so Envision Lead Grow designed a way to ensure these young entrepreneurs never feel isolated. Aside from the check-ins with their mentors, ELG girls and mentors have the chance to meet each other through virtual meetings. Through these monthly video calls, the girls get to learn from ELG Founder, Angela Reddix, as well as each other. We believe that it is essential to have a network of support through not only their ELG branch city mentor, but other ELG peers and mentors from all branches, too.

The Entrepreneur Institute

Envision Lead Grow will reward girl bosses who are committed to making their companies thrive. The Entrepreneur Institute is a multi-day field trip that will bring together leaders of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and business educators to work with our ELG girl bosses. It’s an all-expenses-paid trip for our most dedicated top-performing girls. You can earn your spot to this event by participating in the mentoring sessions, the All-City Webinars, and
the ELG business challenges.

1 Program, 48 States, 1000 Girl Bosses