The power of entrepreneurship does not exist solely within the borders of the United States. Entrepreneurship can empower entire communities in underdeveloped countries.

We plan to bring ELG to Haiti and many other ever-so deserving countries!

By 2023, we are taking our hands-on, interactive curriculum to Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. According to the Human Capital Index, a child born today in Haiti will grow up to be only 45% as productive as they could be with a full education and health. While Girls enter school at the same rates as boys, they are marginalized, leading to higher dropout rates, higher teenage pregnancy rates, and higher domestic violence rates. This is why Envision Lead Grow is necessary. Through camps and mentoring, the girl bosses in Haiti will be shown a different way and given the tools they need to chart any reality they desire.

Join us in our journey to empower and promote equity beyond the U.S.

  • Over 6 million Haitians live below the poverty line on less than US$2.41 per day

  • Approximately one-half of all Haitians age 15 and older are illiterate

  • Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children

  • Half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications and almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training

We can help. You can help.