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ELG Treasures

ELG Treasures is a one-of-a-kind, ELG-exclusive box, or as we say: treasure chest. Each box contains 5 treasures, or products, created and packaged by ELG’s very own girl bosses. Treasures include a variety of gifts for yourself, loved ones, teachers, friends, and many more!

Do not miss your opportunity to be the first to see what’s inside and make a meaningful investment in the lives of hundreds of girls!

Inspiring new entrepreneurs.

The ELG Marketplace is an extension of the non-profit organization “Envision Lead Grow”. Envision Lead Grow’s mission is to increase the rate of entrepreneurship and break the cycle of poverty for middle school girls in underserved communities throughout the United States. We are committed to helping girls build their future through entrepreneurship by creating a community to support their success.

Founded in 2016, we have served over 1,000 girls 48 states by the year 2020 through our ELG 1.0 and ELG 2.0 programs. 100% of our programming, including virtual software, travel, meals, learning materials and its supporting curriculum are made available to our Girl Bosses at NO COST to them or their families through the support of our Founder, donors and sponsors.

Community impact.

The ELG Marketplace is a managed online storefront made available for select Girl Bosses to sell their products online. The ELG Marketplace will be home to Girl Boss products in an effort to create awareness of Girl Boss businesses and Envision Lead Grow’s national program.

Our Girl Bosses range in age from 10 – 14 and strive to deliver high-end quality products. In the spirit of support, we ask that you consider the positive social impact of your purchases from each of these young ladies and extend them and the ELG Marketplace your grace as we embark on this endeavor.

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