Young Girls Rule

Young Girls Rule!™

Young Girls Rule!™ is our premier fundraising gala and major social event, which focuses on creating awareness of social entrepreneurship and celebrating graduating Girl Bosses. Hosted by Envision Lead Grow with a diverse group of corporate partners and local business leaders, Young Girls Rule!™ involves celebrities, dignitaries, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials, and other supporters of Envision Lead Grow’s bold mission to end the cycle of poverty through the power of entrepreneurship.

A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing, designed with women of color in mind, is a community event introducing women to tools and resources to improve mental health and wellbeing. With activities like yoga, mediation, journaling, and more, this event raises awareness for Envision Lead Grow’s services while offering an escape for women and an opportunity to learn how to create sustainable wellness habits.

SAVE THE DATE: April 14, 2024

Give Local 757!

Give Local 757!™

Give Local 757!™ Is an annual individual fundraising campaign that takes place every April.

ELG Marketplace

ELG Marketplace

The ELG Marketplace is an in-person annual event made available for Girl Bosses to sell their products to community members, stakeholder, funders, etc. In an effort to create awareness of Girl Boss businesses and Envision Lead Grow’s regional program, people will be able to speak one on one with young women about their venture with hopes to purchase their amazing items.

Our Girl Bosses range in age from 10 – 18 and strive to deliver high-end quality products. In the spirit of support, we ask that you consider the positive social impact of your purchases from each of these young ladies and extend them and the ELG Marketplace your grace as we embark on this endeavor.