The steps sound simple, but, as always, the success lies in the execution.

Angela Reddix has used the Envision, Lead, Grow framework to reach the success she enjoys in business and in life.

In the simplest terms, here’s what it means to Envision, Lead & Grow.


Stop and take a moment to envision what you would like your life to be. This takes being self-reflective and being comfortable and confident in who you are. Being truthful with yourself about strengths and admitting your weaknesses. But being truthful also means chasing the dream that is genuinely and authentically yours.


Leadership starts from within, so lead yourself in the direction of your future. Don’t wait to be led, but identify for yourself those individuals to connect with that will assist you down the path toward your vision.


Grow where you’re planted. Enjoy the space that you’re in while you’re in that space, because you’ll never be there again. And while it is important to seek out mentors who can guide you to the next level, it is equally critical  to realize sometimes those mentors are sitting right next to you. You just need to open your eyes and be open to the possibility.

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