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meet Angela

Angela D. Reddix is the President and CEO of ARDX, a multi-million-dollar healthcare management and IT consulting firm based in Norfolk, Virginia.

In 2016, Angela created the Envision Lead Grow movement, an online platform designed to support and encourage entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Angela values education and is determined to share her knowledge with you.

meet Anyssa

Anyssa Reddix is a published author, speaker, and mentor to young girls. Sharing Angela’s passion for entrepreneurship, she jumped into Envision Lead Grow with both feet.

Anyssa is the Program Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is in charge of organizing the stops along the 7-City Bus Tour. She has put together the team of counselors that will travel from city to city, she will be overseeing how they carry out the curriculum, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business,” as well as organizing the logistics to get the bus on the road.

meet Sheila

Sheila Johnson is the Development Director for Envision Lead Grow.  She is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach.

Sheila has over twenty year’s sales, marketing, and business development experience.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Virginia State University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University, a Master Certificate in Applied Project Management from Villanova University, a Certificate in Measuring and Improving Business Performance and a Certificate in Leadership both from Cornell University.

Sheila has long been an advocate for women and girls and believes that her work at ELG is truly transformative.

meet Danielle

Danielle Sasso is the Data Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is in charge of data collection, data analysis and program evaluation to make sure our girls are receiving the very best guidance and support.

Danielle is from a small town in the middle-of-nowhere, West Virginia. She graduated as the top of her class, summa cum laude, from Hawaii Pacific University with her Bachelors of Science in Health Science; she then went on to obtain her Masters of Public Health degree, cum laude, from Eastern Virginia Medical School. She credits her success to hard-work, passion, and the support from her own mentorship program that she was a part of in high school.

meet Chanel

Chanel Bostic is the Stakeholder Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is the contact person for all external stakeholders for the organization.

Chanel is from Columbia, Maryland, and recently graduated with honors from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She is passionate about the progression of young girls and believes that anyone can reach the success they desire with the right mindset, hard work and a little bit of help.