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meet Angela

Angela D. Reddix is the President and CEO of ARDX, a multi-million-dollar healthcare management and IT consulting firm based in Norfolk, Virginia.

In 2016, Angela created the Envision Lead Grow movement, an online platform designed to support and encourage entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Angela values education and is determined to share her knowledge with you.

meet Anyssa

Anyssa Reddix is the Senior Program Manager for Envision Lead Grow, she oversees the curriculum, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business.”

meet Danielle

Danielle Sasso is the Data Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is responsible for data collection, data analysis and program evaluation ensuring our girls are receiving the very best guidance and support.

meet Chanel

Chanel Bostic is the Senior Stakeholder Manager for Envision Lead Grow. She is recruiting future girl bosses and mentors.