These standards and guidelines are meant to help mentors avoid situations that might reflect unfavorably on themselves or the Envision Lead Grow organization. They do not cover every situation and do not replace a need to exercise prudent care and good judgment.

Eligibility Screening

Mentors authorize the completion of required background checks to cover criminal history, driving records, personal interviews and other forms of screening as deemed appropriate.


Mentors are steadfast in their commitment to the standards and guidelines of Envision Lead Grow.

Maintain Confidentiality

Mentors act in the best interest of the Envision Lead Grow organization and ensure confidentiality, taking care to protect against inadvertent disclosure.

Inclusive Attitude

Mentors value the diverse intellectual, economic, spiritual, and personal traits of their mentees.


Mentors commit to at least 2 hours per month to contact or meet with mentees, enter grades in ELG portal and submit written notes /reports with the staff of Envision Lead Grow on the mentees needs, goals and progress in the program.

Mentor’s Role and Responsibilities includes:

  • Being supportive of the girl’s business and their pursuit
  • Inspiring the girls to set and reach new academic heights and goals
  • Providing opportunities for the girls to develop valuable research skills
  • Keeping their girls “on-track”; the girls should be held accountable for their time and quality of work and effort.
  • Reporting to the program staff any needs /concerns regarding the girls or portal
  • Meeting program deadlines, guidelines for submitting surveys, evaluations, and completes all other challenges as required by the program