48 states + Washington D.C. + 1 US Territory, 163 cities
= 1010 total girl bosses served in 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ELG’s signature program (ELG 1.0) was disrupted. ELG had a goal to recruit 1,000 girls from 48 states to attend 6 weeks of learning at multiple universities. Due to worsening pandemic conditions, such as school and university delays/cancellations/ extensions, mandatory quarantines, economic hardship, etc., ELG hit a giant roadblock. Thus, Envision Lead Grow developed the ELG 2.0 contingency program of the entrepreneurial program to be delivered virtually entirely.

Despite COVID-19, the ELG 2.0 virtual program remained committed and continued to empower and grow girl bosses across the nation!


GIRL BOSS Business Industries

This entire program is offered at NO COST to girls or their families.