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Ava’s Cheeze Pleeze Bites


Healthy, Organic Doggy Treats

What doggie doesn’t love cheese?! These yummy treats are full of organic cheddar and Parmesan cheese and come in the shape of a dog bone. Made with organic and all non- GMO ingredients, these cheesy, chewy biscuits, are good enough for you to eat. These are all- natural, preservative- free treats, so I recommend refrigerating to keep them fresh. These can also be frozen, then thawed at a later date. No corn, wheat or soy.

Ava’s Pet PalaceAva’s Pet Palace


Net WT 4 oz.


Hi guys! I’m Ava and I’m 13 years old. I LOVE animals and that’s why I started my business around them! Even though I have a business, I’m just a regular kid. I love to hang out with my pup and kitty, Lacy and Pumpkin. I like to ride my bike, play Roblox with my cousin and have sleepovers with my 2 little sisters!

I started my business, Ava’s Pet Palace, at 8 years old! I make organic and all natural dog and cat treats that are sold in all 50 states and have been sold in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand! I love animals and I love being able to have my own business! I started Ava’s Pet Palace because at a young age I recognized the need for pet treats that had ingredients we could all read, that were good for our pets and that were tasty!

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