Chill! Aromatherapy Bath Soak (Travel Size) – Lemon Mint


Chill…and get your soak on!
Our essential oil infused bath soaks come in a variety of fragrances that make for a relaxing bath.


7 ounces.


Chailea is a 9th Grade Honors student in the local Hampton Roads Community. Being a military kid, she learned about the importance of hard work at a young age and is now a member of the Junior National Honor Society as a result. She volunteers in both her home and school communities through service to various organizations, as well as the Children’s & Women’s Ministries of her church. When not in school or serving others in her community, Chailea focuses on her business IT Girl Essentials, an all-natural bath & body care product line developed especially for girls of all ages, with sensitive skin.

Chailea loves all things bath & body, but after suffering for an extended period of time with sensitive, chronic eczema-prone skin, she sought a healthier, non-irritating alternative to what had previously been offered by most of the big-box retail brands. As a result, she became a natural skin care enthusiast and entrepreneurship followed.

Her mission is to help girls, especially those with sensitive (sometimes scarred) skin, have access to affordable, natural and well-made bath & body care products that smell good but are also good for their skin.

In her spare time, she enjoys baking, hanging with friends and going on travel adventures with her family. To learn more about Chailea and her company, please visit her website:

IT Girl Essentials, LLC is a brand for girls of all ages…Girls from all walks of life, as uniquely different as their beautiful skin in its varied hues. Our products are made with all-natural, high quality ingredients — alcohol and paraben free ingredients harvested from plants & trees. We use skin-loving goodies like lavender flower, meadowfoam, grapeseed & coconut oils, as well as vitamin E and manuka honey which are super moisturizing antioxidants. The result? Well hydrated skin.

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