Salmon Snacks for Cats


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These 100% wild-caught, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon jerky treats are sure to drive your cat WILD!

10 in stock


These differ from the Salmon Snacks for dogs because they are broken into smaller pieces and are softer. There is more work that goes into making these delicious treats, therefore the price is slightly higher than the Salmon Snacks for dogs! Refrigerate after opening. Use within 10 days for optimal freshness.

One thing to remember, these are only for an occasional snack for your feline friend. Fish is not a proper source of nutrition as a complete meal for your kitty.

These are all-natural, preservative-free treats.  The fish is hand-cut and may have white skin or scales on it.

Contains no wheat, corn, soy, salt or sugar.

Each 1 oz. bag is vacuumed sealed.


Crude Protein 67.04% min

Crude Fat 14.52% min

Crude Fiber <0.01% max

Moisture 15.15% max

101.5 cal/oz



Hi guys! I’m Ava and I’m 13 years old. I LOVE animals and that’s why I started my business around them! Even though I have a business, I’m just a regular kid. I love to hang out with my pup and kitty, Lacy and Pumpkin. I like to ride my bike, play Roblox with my cousin and have sleepovers with my 2 little sisters!

I started my business, Ava’s Pet Palace, at 8 years old! I make organic and all natural dog and cat treats that are sold in all 50 states and have been sold in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand! I love animals and I love being able to have my own business! I started Ava’s Pet Palace because at a young age I recognized the need for pet treats that had ingredients we could all read, that were good for our pets and that were tasty!

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