Due to COVID-19, this year our 2020 Cohort will begin with
ELG 2.0: Virtual Immersion.

For more details on our virtual immersion experience, please click here.

Headquartered in Norfolk, ELG is a national nonprofit organization inspiring middle school girls to become entrepreneurs. Our vision is to transform communities of poverty into communities of prosperity through the promise of middle school girls. Since its inception in 2017, ELG has reached more than 2,200 young girls in 48 states with the support of over 12,000 local volunteer hours. ELG Girl Bosses are already opening businesses and making money!

The Envision Lead Grow Entrepreneurial Program consists of 4 parts:

Through a unique, four-pronged approach, Envision Lead Grow offers young girls an opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring and training designed to guide them along the path of entrepreneurship. Once girls join, they can continue growing with us throughout high school graduation!

Entrepreneurial Immersion Summer Camp

Team Mentoring

All City, All Girls Webinars

The Entrepreneur

1 Program, 48 States, 1000 Girl Bosses

Envision Lead Grow is coming to a city near you!

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If your city is not on our map, and you would like us to come to your city, let us know!

In 2018-19, we served 250 Girl Bosses from 9 states. In 2019-20, we are serving 600 Girl Bosses from 30 states. In 2020-21, we will serve 1000 Girl Bosses from 48 states!

Little girls with dreams
become women with vision.

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