Headquartered in Norfolk, ELG is a nonprofit organization inspiring woman to become entrepreneurs. Our vision is to transform communities of poverty into communities of prosperity through the promise of girls & women. Since its inception in 2017, our programs serving Girl Bosses (middle schoolers & highschoolers) has reached more than 2,200 young girls in 48 states with the support of over 12,000 local volunteer hours. Those graduates have grown businesses while also finding their way through college & career paths, as we continuously provide programs & services giving life to economic empowerment for women from cradle to grave.

The Envision Lead Grow Entrepreneurial Pipeline consists of 4 programs:

You Go Girl

Be Your Own Boss

The Blossom Network

The Womanhood Initiative

Through a unique, four-pronged approach, Envision Lead Grow offers women & girls an opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring and training designed to guide them along the path of entrepreneurship. Once girls join the “You Go Girl” program, they can continue growing with us, building wealth through the evolution of a women! ALL OF OUR PROGRAMS ARE FREE!

All programming is offered at no cost to the girls, women, or their families

We Engage our Girl Bosses in four methods:

Entrepreneurial Immersion Summer Camp

Team Mentoring

All City, All Girls Webinars

The Entrepreneur

Little girls with dreams
become women with vision.

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