Lessons learned from successful women in business

Tuesday morning, professionals from all around Hampton Roads gathered at The Founders Inn to be inspired by the area’s prominent women leaders. Inside Business’ “When Women Lead: Insights and Experience From Women in Power,” allowed Angela Reddix, founder of ARDX and Envision Lead Grow, to share some of her biggest lessons.

“Often times people don’t want to share their failures,” said Reddix. “It’s so powerful to be transparent with your team, with your peers, with your mentees about where you dropped the ball.”

The panel, hosted by Cathy Lewis, featured women with diverse backgrounds. Reddix was joined by Micky Nye, President and CEO of Farm Fresh, Barbara Wolcott, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty, and Andrea Kilmer, President and CEO of The ESG Companies and United States Management.

Mistakes and failures were a topic that came up numerous times during the event.

“I think it’s important that we give the gift of our lessons learned,” Reddix said.

The importance of mentoring for women was also discussed by all of the panelists. Reddix shared the story of her first mentor at one of her earliest positions.

“At 22, I learned it’s important to understand the needs of leadership,” she said, explaining how she grew close to the woman who was her manager. “That was, I believe, one of the first times I realized the power women had to open doors for other women.”

This message is one that has stuck with Reddix over the years, as she now tries to show through example how women can balance a successful career and a happy family to her associates at ARDX, and is now expanding the mission of helping other women with Envision Lead Grow.

“Three words: envision, lead, grow,” Reddix said. “Those are basically the lessons I’ve learned over the years.”

When asked what advice she would give to her daughter, Reddix was able to explain these words and the value each holds.

“Envision: there is something inside of you,” she said, elaborating on the importance of chasing the dream that is genuinely and authentically yours.

“Lead: leadership starts from within,” Reddix said. “And Grow. Grow where you’re planted. Enjoy the space that you’re in while you’re in that space, because you’ll never be there again.”

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What is Envision, Lead, Grow?

Welcome. I am thrilled you are here.

Even though ARDX, the healthcare management consulting firm I created, just celebrated its ninth year, I feel as if I have been working toward business success my entire life. My goal now includes you – to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Nine years ago, in 2006, my vision for ARDX had three pillars.

  • First, to provide thought leadership with excellence to impact the Nation’s health care policy and processes for the vulnerable populations. At that time, Medicare was the niche market.

Because of the excellence demonstrated with those initiatives, we were positioned to be invited to the table to support the most significant legislation since the Social Security Act – the Affordable Care Act.

  • Second, to create a high-­performing learning organization. With my background in training and organizational development, it is always a desire to see others learn and continue to learn through each other. This is accomplished through structured and experiential learning. My vision was to create an environment where we face each new challenge as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. In my opinion, a day where there is no learning, is a day that I haven’t given my all.
  • Finally, to surround myself with a collection of diverse individuals who are inspired to strive toward excellence by integrating the innovative ideas of others based on a solid foundation of integrity. Prior to forming ARDX, I was fortunate to be in leadership positions in small, mid-­sized, and large companies. In each of those, I learned first­hand that there are many roads to success. As the founder of ARDX, it was and continues to be my desire to build an organization that is a beacon of light.

As I reflect on my journal of daily lessons, I am reminded of more than 2,000 opportunities for learning that I have been afforded through my experience at ARDX. This has allowed me to face each day with anticipation instead of fear, doubt, or disappointment, as I am eager to increase my journal of lessons.

And this is where you come in. I hope to share the lessons in my journal with you, to help you envision a path of success, lead the way so others will follow, and absorb the lessons around you so you will grow wherever you are planted and reach the highest heights!

This is just the beginning.

Angela at WWR

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