Seed 01: Consider what makes your heart sing – what brings you joy or peace

Consider what makes your heart sing – what brings you joy or peace. When I was a child, I loved dancing. I was happiest when I danced – any kind of dancing would do. As I got older, I found happiness in so many other things – traveling and writing for example. I also found that there were some things I really liked in my work-life: planning, training, mentoring. I also really like solving problems and finding new ways for clients to succeed. I took these things that made me happy and found a way to use them in my daily life. It is what brings me joy.

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Seed 02: Put pen to paper.

Put pen to paper. I love the feeling of setting a goal and writing it down. For me, that act of putting pen to paper crystallizes my dream into a goal and makes it all the more real. I keep a journal with me at all times. People wonder what I am writing about. The truth is, they are random thoughts sometimes, and other times they are detailed plans.

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Seed 03: Speak It & Bring It to Life – Speak as if it is

Speak It & Bring It to Life – Speak as if it is. I recently met a new entrepreneur, and she introduced herself as an itty, bitty business owner working out of her basement with no customers. I quickly told her that this would be her elevator speech: “I am the owner of a successful venture, working out of my office, catering to my customer base.” Don’t reinforce negativity by speaking down on yourself; speak your successes into existence.

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Seed 04: Inhale and exhale – determine who breathes life into it and who drains the energy out of it.

Inhale and exhale – determine who breathes life into it and who drains the energy out of it. – It’s commonly said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If the people in your inner circle don’t believe in your dreams, soon enough, you won’t either. If they just agree with everything you say without working for growth, soon your own growth will cease as well. It’s all about finding the balance of people who are invested in you enough to give you valuable feedback that will help you excel.

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Seed 06: Plan Your Success

Plan your success – It is so easy to jump in and get to work, but the magic is in the plan. Zig
Ziglar said, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” Plan your dream so that when the window of opportunity presents itself to you, you are ready to turn that window into a door.

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Seed 07: Reevaluate your plan – it is never too late to modify your vision.

Reevaluate your plan – it is never too late to modify your vision. Every day is a chance to learn and to adjust. I’m constantly getting new data that can cause detours and pivots in my plans. Do not continue on a path of destruction just because it is the path you started on. Reevaluate and make sure you are going to where you want to go. (more…)

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Seed 08: Stop and smell the roses from the seeds you planted

Ahhhhh…the joy of success! You deserve to take some time to enjoy what you have created. It is your baby. Marvel at how it has grown!” – One of the Seeds from our free e-book Your Growth Guide: The 8 Seeds to Success In Business.

Learn More and read all of the “Seeds.” Attend our next webinar or sign up to our email list to get your copy. Envision Lead Grow helps young women ages 13 to 19 to build their future in entrepreneurship with workshops, e-books, webinars, podcasts, videos, mentoring, and community support.

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Lessons learned from successful women in business

Tuesday morning, professionals from all around Hampton Roads gathered at The Founders Inn to be inspired by the area’s prominent women leaders. Inside Business’ “When Women Lead: Insights and Experience From Women in Power,” allowed Angela Reddix, founder of ARDX and Envision Lead Grow, to share some of her biggest lessons.

“Often times people don’t want to share their failures,” said Reddix. “It’s so powerful to be transparent with your team, with your peers, with your mentees about where you dropped the ball.”

The panel, hosted by Cathy Lewis, featured women with diverse backgrounds. Reddix was joined by Micky Nye, President and CEO of Farm Fresh, Barbara Wolcott, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty, and Andrea Kilmer, President and CEO of The ESG Companies and United States Management.

Mistakes and failures were a topic that came up numerous times during the event.

“I think it’s important that we give the gift of our lessons learned,” Reddix said.

The importance of mentoring for women was also discussed by all of the panelists. Reddix shared the story of her first mentor at one of her earliest positions.

“At 22, I learned it’s important to understand the needs of leadership,” she said, explaining how she grew close to the woman who was her manager. “That was, I believe, one of the first times I realized the power women had to open doors for other women.”

This message is one that has stuck with Reddix over the years, as she now tries to show through example how women can balance a successful career and a happy family to her associates at ARDX, and is now expanding the mission of helping other women with Envision Lead Grow.

“Three words: envision, lead, grow,” Reddix said. “Those are basically the lessons I’ve learned over the years.”

When asked what advice she would give to her daughter, Reddix was able to explain these words and the value each holds.

“Envision: there is something inside of you,” she said, elaborating on the importance of chasing the dream that is genuinely and authentically yours.

“Lead: leadership starts from within,” Reddix said. “And Grow. Grow where you’re planted. Enjoy the space that you’re in while you’re in that space, because you’ll never be there again.”

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Welcome to Envision Lead Grow!

We’re so happy to have you here.

Envision Lead Grow is a mission. It’s a movement. It’s a mantra.
Created in 2016, Envision Lead Grow is designed to support and encourage you on every stage of your journey, whether it’s middle school, motherhood, or marketing a business. The movement stems from Angela Reddix’s experiences as a successful entrepreneur and mother of three children. She knows what works, as well as what does not work, at every step of the process. She wants to share lessons learned with you.
Is this community for you?
Absolutely yes, if you have a passion and if you’re ready to turn that passion into a lifestyle. Sound like you? Then you’ve landed in the right place.
Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
Are you a 12-year-old girl who wants to start a tutoring business? How about a 19-year-old student who wants to start a textbook delivery service on her college’s campus? Maybe a 37-year-old woman who wants to create a shuttle service to take kids to and from their extracurriculars? You have all found a home here. Any woman who has a vision of creating something but doesn’t know where to start can use ELG as a springboard for ideas and strategies. Use our community to find like-minded individuals and use our guidance to get your idea off of the ground.
Women in a Mid-Career Rut:
If you’ve climbed pretty high up your career ladder and still don’t feel satisfied, perhaps that’s a sign it is time for you to step out on your own. Take all of your experience and knowledge that you’ve gained through your career and let ELG help you channel that into a venture you can be thrilled about.
Anyone Who Is Passionate About New Ventures: 
Maybe you aren’t the person generating the fresh ideas, but you are the person who can spot a good project from a mile away and want to be the first one to jump behind it. Everyone has a hand in entrepreneurship and in turn, the positive benefits it can have for the economy. We want you here, too, to motive, to steer, and to witness.

Our purpose is to create vision-driven ventures that will help you feel fulfillment and will help the economy grow. If you fall into one of these three groups, or some point in between, join us. Sign up so you can be the first to know when the workbook “8 Seeds to Success” is available for free download. We’re so glad you’re here!


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