Week 7 of Envision Lead Grow’s 7-City Bus Tour: Norfolk, Virginia

(NORFOLK, Virginia) August 4, 2017 — What an incredible end to the 7-City Bus Tour.

Hundreds of people attended the final Passion Pitch competition and program, held at Norfolk Collegiate School’s Hackney Theater.

During the week, more than 100 girls learned the curriculum created by Angela D. Reddix, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business,” and put together their own business plans. It was part of the Envision Lead Grow summer camp program, hosted by Old Dominion University’s Strome Entrepreneurial Center.

On Friday, each girl in the camp had the chance to pitch their business idea in front of volunteer judges. They were separated into four groups, with one finalist being named in each group.

The four finalists gave their Passion Pitch to the crowd at The Hackney Theater.

One winner received Envision Lead Grow’s $500 award for best Passion Pitch: Selah Holston, creator of Selah’s Diamonds.

Thanks to the generosity of Love Thy Neighbor, Inc., one more girl received $500 to put toward her business: Timerand Rogers, creator of Scrumptious Soaps.

Through the generosity of Towne Bank, the last two finalists, Alek, creator of SitterGetHer and Kelly, creator of Slime Freak, will also have $500 seed money each to start their businesses.

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

From left to right, Alek Woodard, 13, creator of SitterGetHer, Kelly Ramsey, 11, creator of Slime Freak, Selah Holston, 10, creator of Selah’s Diamonds, and Timerand Rogers, 13, creator of Scrumptious Soaps.

The 2017 7-City Bus Tour may be over, but there is much more to come. At the closing ceremony, Envision Lead Grow founder Angela D. Reddix mentioned the program will change for next summer. Envision Lead Grow will be in four cities in the United States, to include two-week sleep-away summer camp experiences for young women.

If you would like to contribute to the mission to lift young women out of poverty through the power of entrepreneurship, you can do so here.

Additionally, you can sign up to get the latest information from Envision Lead Grow here.

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Announcing the Norfolk location of the ELG 7-City Bus Tour: Old Dominion University

(NORFOLK, Virginia) February, 14, 2017 — So fitting for Valentine’s Day, the ELG Team is excited to announce a partnership we know you will love.

The Norfolk location for the ELG 7-City Bus Tour is the Old Dominion University Strome Entrepreneurial Center.

Dates for this camp will be: July 31 – August 4, 2017.

The Norfolk-based nonprofit created by business owner Angela D. Reddix will be traveling to 7 cities by bus during the summer of 2017. The theme for the summer: 1 program. 7 cities in 2017. 1,000 new GIRL BOSSES.

“ODU is proud to partner with Envision Lead Grow and Founder Angela Reddix on this visionary journey to reach and teach 1,000 middle school girls, including those in Hampton Roads, about innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Nancy Grden, Executive Director, ODU Strome Entrepreneurial Center. “Through the work in our Center and in my own career, I see how the ‘light turns on’ for those who first imagine and then practice leading and growing a new idea, group, or enterprise.”

Envision Lead Grow’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty for 1,000 girls in underserved communities in the U.S. each year. The ELG team is committed to helping them build their futures through entrepreneurship…one girl at a time.

This summer, counselors with the ELG team will make stops in 7 different cities across the United States. They will share the fast-paced, fun-filled curriculum, “The 8 Seeds to Success in Business,” during a week-long summer camp in each city.

After the camp wraps up and the bus leaves, the middle school girls who attended the camp will continue to get support through hand-picked mentors in their city, online training with the ELG team and web-based discussions.

Angela D. Reddix is the President & CEO of ARDX, a multi-million dollar healthcare management and technology consulting company based in Norfolk. She created the Envision Lead Grow movement in 2016.

Look for more partnership announcements in the days to come. For more information on how to support, to apply for or to volunteer for the camp, click here.

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