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3rd Annual Young Girls Rule!
Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs

March 29th, 2020

Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center
Norfolk, Virginia
Doors open at 12:30 PM | Event begins at 1:00 PM

Young Girls Rule


Opal Exhibitionist


Kriscilla is a dedicated eighth-grade Rancho Christian Academy honor student who has accomplished a considerable amount of achievements within 13 years. She is a kid entrepreneur of Klausy Prints & Events, speaker, and Girl Scouts. Kriscilla enjoys reading, watching YouTube, and hanging out with her friends and family. She has aspirations to attend Stanford University, majoring in Marketing and Photography. You can find Kriscilla on Facebook & Instagram: @KlausyPrintsAndEvents and the ELG Marketplace.

Onyx Inventor


She’Neil Johnson has worn a number of hats, but they all address one goal. Creating a platform for people, things, and ideas’ stories to become memorable human interactions. In 2014 She’Neil Johnson graduated from Howard University’s School of Business with a degree in Management Information Systems. She believed New York was the perfect place for her to focus on building a strong career in business and making the right connections to follow the popular route of working two years corporate, going to business school, then climbing the company ladder of promotions. Little did she know this city would only become a daily dose of inspiration for the true creative she is. She’Neil spent the beginning of her career becoming well versed in consumer insights, design, and tech as a user experience designer at IBM for luxury retail clients. During her time at IBM she managed client relationships by acting as an onsite project manager, leading teams through development and launch, and gained upper level management’s financial support of $40K for an internal project. Within She’Neil’s UX role she was promoted to senior consultant, but quickly left the industry to follow her passion in marketing! She founded BASE BUTTER, a start-up skincare company, and five years defining and executing the optimal marketing strategy to aid BASE BUTTER in it’s growth and success. She helped build the brand identity and see through two re-launches. Since its inception BASE BUTTER has been seen in ESSENCE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and the New York Times to name a few.

Marble Loyalist


Cheryl Tan believes everyone has a story to tell. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and corporations more effectively tell those stories on video. She is a speaker, a media trainer and the host of the STANDOUT podcast. Prior to starting her company in 2014, Cheryl was a longtime broadcast journalist, working for TV stations in Georgia and Virginia. You may remember her during her time on WAVY TV 10’s morning show. She currently hosts Connect on WVEC-TV. In her 20-year career in television news, she had the honor of telling thousands of stories for a TV audience. Now she shares the skills she learned in the newsroom to help businesses and organizations around the country understand the media and create their own pieces of valuable content. Cheryl is the creator of the Video Bootcamp, a coaching and mentoring program specifically tailored to entrepreneurs and experts who want to create a greater impact in the world. Her system eliminates stress, saves time and helps students develop the skills to use video to reach a bigger audience.She and her husband have three sons and live in Virginia Beach.

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